Repairs & Custom Design

Jewellery Repair & Custom Design


Roath’s Pawn Shop has an on-site goldsmith with over 25 years of experience. We specialize in every type of jewellery repair for gold, silver and platinum. We also create custom made pieces of jewellery either by being completely hand-made or 3D printed CAD and cast. Here is a list of our services provided


On-Site Jewellery Repair


Ultrasonic cleaning:            Free
Polishing: Starting at $15.00
Ring sizing: Starting at $20.00
Laser welding: Starting at $30.00
Engraving: Starting at $25.00
Chain soldering: Starting at $20.00
Laser filling cracks: Starting at $30.00
Diamond/gemstone setting (not including stone): Starting at $20.00
Diamond/gemstone re-tipping: Starting at $10.00
Rhodium/gold plating: Starting at $25.00