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Diamond Buying

We Buy Diamonds!


The hardest of all precious stones, diamonds have been treasured for over 3,000 years but have come to especially high prominince in the 19th century as modernized cutting techniques have improved, growth in the world economy has risen, and overall supply has been heightened.

Diamonds are typically graded by 4 factors, commonly referred to as “the four C’s”
Cut – Graded by how it is proprtioned, the overall symmetry of the final shape, and the polish
Carat – Commonly misconceptionalized as the physical size and dimensions of the diamond, carat is actually a measurement of weight.
Color – A grading describing how “white” or “colorless” a diamond is. Closer to the beginning of the alphabet is clearer, whilst the end of the alphabet will be more hued.
Clarity – This would refer to how many inclusions (internal flaws) or blemishes (external flaws) are in the diamond as well as the size of said flaws.

Here at Roath’s Pawn Shop we buy diamonds both loose and those that have been set in jewellery. With our GIA trained staff and certified jewellery appraiser (RMV) Kyle Roath we can give you an accurate value for your diamonds today. The process is simple – bring in your diamond jewellery for us to inspect and we will give you an on the spot cash value! There is no charge for us to value your diamonds and any information is strictly confidential.


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