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How long do I have?

Roath’s gives you flexible, convenient 90-day loan periods.

We help you maximize the value of your loaned items with these benefits:

  • A 90-day loan period upon your point of estimate at Roath’s.
  • No penalties for extending your loan an additional 90 days – you simply pay the interest amount for the past 90 days.
  • The freedom to extend your loan as many times as you like under these terms.

Our loan term flexibility sets Roath’s apart from the rest.

You won’t find great options like these at any other pawn shop in Surrey, BC:

  • A 7-day grace period after the initial 90 days to ease the stress of your loan payment due date.
  • The option to lower the principal on your loans and pick up items individually.
  • Loan payment reminders automatically text messaged to you before your payment is due. Now it’s even easier to make the date and save money!
  • Friendly, knowledgeable associates at the shop in Surrey, BC to provide you with more options for extending your loan.

Did you know Roath’s has the lowest loan interest rate in Surrey?

It’s simple: our 7.5% flat rate is the lowest you can get for a pawn loan in Surrey. And when you pawn an item with Roath’s, there are no hidden fees or extra charges. We provide dependable, stress-free pawn loaning, so you can walk out happy, every time.  Make Roath’s your first stop for pawn loans that save you money.

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Roath's Pawn Calculator

Use this simple calculator to find out how much it costs to get a loan from Roath’s!