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What we buy

Want to sell your precious metals for cash? Learn what we accept at Roath’s.

  • Gold – any condition, any purity.
  • Silver – any condition, minimum 80% purity.
  • Platinum – any condition, any purity.

It’s simple! We are happy to accept just about any form of these three precious metals, including jewellery, luxury watches, scrap pieces, dental gold, and gold bars, wafers and coins.

Tip: don’t bring us your fraudulent metals.

We do not buy fraudulent metals. Possession of fraudulent metals is illegal in BC.

Not sure if we accept your item for cash? Bring it in to find out!

Bring your item to our pawn shop location in Surrey, BC to have it assessed by our professionally trained associates.  We are happy to help.

More details about selling at Roath’s:

Whether it’s your first time selling, or you’re a seasoned pro, it helps to know what to expect from your experience at Roath’s.

Metals have to have enough weight to meet our standard of a minimum $5.00CAD to be eligible for an estimate.  For now, we are interested specifically in the metal weight of your jewellery. With an abundance of precious stones and diamonds in stock, we are focused on purchasing jewellery by metal weight. For silver we require a minimum of 30 grams of weight which is (approximately the same weight as 6 loonies).

We are happy to accept your tools, electronics, musical instruments, and other non-precious metal items for pawn loans onlyLearn more about our pawn loan process.

Visit our Surrey, BC pawn shop location for cash in a flash! 

Stop by our shop and meet friendly, knowledgeable associates who can help you make the most of your precious metals.  Convenient, flexible service means that you can walk out with cash in minutes.  When it comes to gold buying in Surrey, BC, Roath’s aims to be your first choice.


Roath's Pawn Calculator

Use this simple calculator to find out how much it costs to get a loan from Roath’s!