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How much can I get?

At Roath’s, your quick cash potential is virtually unlimited!

Bring your collateral to Roath’s Pawn Shop to discover how much cash you can walk out with on the spot.   From $10 to $1 million or more, Roath’s is ready to provide you with the cash that meets the value of the items you bring in.

Jewellery to cash – here’s what’s assessed: 

Precious Metals

  • Gold – Purity (karat), and weight in grams. White and yellow gold share the same rate.
  • Silver – Weight in grams. Estimates are less than gold.
  • Platinum – Weight in grams.

Precious Stones

  • Diamonds – Carat weight, size, color, quality and overall condition.
  • Various colored stones – Considered for legitimacy, condition and quality.

Here’s what we assess for the rest: 

From boats to watches, motorcycles and power tools, here’s what we take into account for all other items at Roath’s Pawn Shop:

  1. Condition of the item.
  2. Age of the item.
  3. The secondary market price of the item.

Our experienced pawn specialists are transparent about the details of each assessment to ensure you understand the value of your item.

No need to negotiate at Roath’s Pawn Shop.

Our jewellery estimates are based on concise calculations delivered by our in-house gemologist team.  We use non-destructive tests and government-approved digital scales to determine your precious metals’ purity, so that you get a solid, knowledge-based estimate for every item.

At 7.5%, Roath’s gives you the lowest loan interest rate in Surrey, BC.

You read right: Our 7.5% flat rate is the lowest you can get for a pawn loan in Surrey. When you pawn items at Roath’s, you’ll never encounter hidden fees or extra charges.  Walk out happy, every time. Contact us to learn more about our flexible loan payment terms!


Roath's Pawn Calculator

Use this simple calculator to find out how much it costs to get a loan from Roath’s!